1. How much CBD Oil should I take

SimplyCBD oil tinctures show their CBD content per dropper, a dose containing 15-30mg should be effective, but this can vary by person or application.

2. Where was the hemp plant grown

All CBD used by SimplyCBD is extracted from hemp plants grown in either the US or Europe. Hemp plants naturally pick up pollutants and heavy metals, and because of this were used after the Chernobyl Disaster to help clean the soil. There is concern that hemp plants pick up the pollutants, and pass these on via their extracts. We strive to provide the highest quality CBD products, SimplyCBD will continue to provide US or European grown hemp products until concerns about heavy metals have been addressed.

3. Why MCT Oil

MCT oil is processed differently by the body, it bypasses filtration through liver and is processed very quickly. MCT carries the CBD with it, allowing for better and quicker absorption than other CBD oils.

4. How should I use the oil

This is a sublingual tincture, for the best results hold under the tongue for 8 seconds.

5. How do I measure 1 dropper

2 or 3 full squeezes of the bulb will fill to roughly 1ml, CBD concentration will be listed on the bottle.