SimplyCBD strives to provide the highest quality ingredients for our products, with special attention given to their composition and purity.

MCT Carrier Oil

MCT oil is a clear, tasteless carrier oil. Our MCT oil is made from organically grown coconuts, and is high in C8 and C10 medium chain triglycerides. MCT carries the CBD with it, allowing for better and quicker absorption than other CBD oils.

CBD Hemp Extract

SimplyCBD uses CBD produced from hemp plants that are grown organically in either the US or Europe. Our CBD is made by isolating the CBD from the hemp plant via a method of crystallization. Flowers and plant material are harvested from industrial grown hemp, and then distilled into hemp oil. Through a process of extraction, the CBD is crystallized from the distilled plant oils. By using CBD Isolate in our tinctures, we are able to provide high potency tinctures, with no worries about ingesting psychoactive substances.